Anna C. Stern, LICSW


Are you looking for a therapist who is more interested in how you understand your struggles than in helping you be "normal"? Would you like to work through issues with a thoughtful, attentive and influential guide by your side? Are you tired of feeling like you have to teach your therapists about your identity in order to get the support you need?

My work is grounded in the belief that people use narrative, or story, to make meaning of their lives and identities. You have the power to reauthor your own story.

I am located at 175 Elm Street in Davis Square, Somerville, MA. Schedule a free phone consultation today.



I love the stunning spectrum of human experience in all its forms. I love our enormous hearts, our ability to forgive and our righteous anger. I love our endless capacity for resilience and change, and our tenacious grip on what is most precious to us.



Many people come to therapy wondering if their experiences are "normal." While it can be reassuring to know you are not alone, it can be still more liberating to choose your own path. Together, we'll explore whether the experiences you are having are bothering you and if so, what you prefer.  We may also wonder about what is precious and important in your life, and how your problems may have pushed you far from the things you hold dear.

My passion, background, and training include working with new parents, those navigating gender and sexuality, and those who have experienced trauma, particularly domestic and sexual violence. I work with adults and adolescents. I have deep appreciation for people at the margins and intersections of life, and promise to honor your truth and your identity in every way that I can.



I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and an active and engaged supervisor. I love sitting with new therapists as they deepen and strengthen their therapeutic work. You can also count on me to help you contextualize dilemmas in their social and cultural contexts.

I am particularly qualified to consult on matters related to narrative therapy approaches, new parenthood and perinatal issues, LGBTQ issues including gender confirmation processes, and adolescent mental health.

I am open to supervising groups as well as individuals.

"Working with Anna has been one of the most influential experiences in my professional development. Her values-based approach helps me stay grounded in my preferred therapeutic stance, which might otherwise get lost in my day-to-day work. Anna offers space for reflection and gently cultivates opportunities for growth. Her practice is always thoughtful, respectful, and collaborative."  —Supervisee


After the birth of my daughter, I was diagnosed with postpartum anxiety. I had a hard time finding anyone who really got what I was feeling. No one could listen and respond in a way that made me feel less alone, until Anna. She came to my house when I was overwhelmed by the thought of going to an office with my new baby. She took notes, remembered what we discussed from visit to visit, and sent me information about postpartum anxiety. I needed a lot of support to get through my anxiety and, aside from my husband, Anna was the number one person who helped me get to the other side.
— A.

I believe that caring for one another with open hearts will change the world. That’s why I hope you will take the first step toward healing, and contact me to set up a meeting today.

about me

I meet my clients with an open heart and all the realness I can muster.

I help people who want their lives to line up with their hearts but are facing oppressive forces telling them to stay put. Trust is central to our work, since your relationship with your therapist is one of the most critical factors in your healing.

Together, we can shift your relationships with the problems in your life and reclaim what is most precious to you.

I'll be honest, I don't always get it right. I take my power as a professional very seriously, and am always looking for ways to limit its influence. I emphasize consent, often proposing several paths for you to choose from. I also offer moments to pause, give feedback, or change direction during our meetings. At the end of each meeting (if you like) I provide a rating scale so you can let me know how things felt in writing.


I love our enormous hearts, our ability to forgive and our righteous anger. I love our endless capacity for resilience and change, and our tenacious grip on what is most precious to us.


You are beautiful just as you are, and your contributions to this world are both necessary and unique. If you are ever feeling alone or unloved, please remember this.
— Janet Bystrom



My office is at 175 Elm Street in Davis Square. There is free two hour parking on Elm Street, as well as permit parking for both Somerville and Cambridge on side streets nearby. I am a five minute walk from the Porter or Davis Square T stations, and on several major bus routes.

You are welcome to bring your baby or young child if you will not find this too disruptive of the therapy process. Sessions work best when older children are not within earshot, but if you cannot access therapy when your children are not present we can work with this.

Your home

I offer a small number of in-home slots, for anyone (often new parents) who seeks the accessibility and comfort of in-home services. I can meet in the area of your home that feels best to you, and can practice in quiet or chaos.



get in touch

Call or email today to schedule a free fifteen minute phone consultation at 617-501-4090 or I do my best to respond to all consultation requests within one business day. If you have left a voicemail and not received a response, please do not hesitate to email. Note - I am not currently taking new clients, but feel free to reach out if you still want to learn about my work (3/1/19).

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